Warwick Beacon On Line
Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Preserving historical cemeteries in Warwick is just as important as maintaining the integrity of Buckeye Brook, at least in the view of Steve Insana, who founded the coalition responsible for the present and future care of the stream, part of which flows through T.F. Green Airport.

Insana said that a number of significant burial grounds abut the well known brook, the individuals interred there who were "the founding fathers of the City of Warwick," he said yesterday.

This Saturday, Insana, the Warwick Knights of Columbus and members of the city.s Historic Cemeteries Commission will gather starting at 9 a.m. in the Knights parking lot on Warwick Avenue at the intersection with Sandy Lane and head out to clean up five burial grounds overgrown with weeds and left unattended for years.

If you.re interested in volunteering, go to www.buckeyebrook.org for more details, or contact Insana directly at 864-6112.