Members and Friends of the Buckeye Brook Coalition,

SAVE THE DATE! It's meeting time! The Coalition invites the public to the following:

What: Buckeye Brook Coalition Members Meeting

When: Tuesday, March 15, 2005, from 7pm to 9pm

Where: The Knights of Columbus Hall, 475 Sandy Lane, Warwick (at the intersection of Sandy Lane & Warwick Ave.)

Agenda - See Below:

This is our annual meeting where we organize for the coming season.

Also, according to our bylaws, the annual dues for active membership must be paid by April 1 of each year (except for those who have already paid dues in 2005), so renewals will be gratefully accepted by the treasurer at the meeting!

See you there,

Bill Aldrich, Treasurer
Buckeye Brook Coalition

Buckeye Brook Coalition Members Meeting
March 15, 2005 7-9pm

I. Welcome and Introductions. (Christopher - 5 minutes)
A. Executive Officers
B. Board of Directors

II. Financial Report. (Bill - 10 minutes)

III. Volunteers. (Steve - 30 minutes)
A. 8th Annual Earth Day Saturday, April 9th. (Rain Date, Sunday, April 10th). Meet at 9:00 a.m. in the K of C parking lot just like last year (target areas to be discussed at meeting).
B. 3rd annual .Direct Fish Count. training dates announcement. (Phil Edwards).
C. Water Quality Volunteers needed for URI Watershed Watch for May, 2005. We need contacts/volunteers for people interested in this program before it begins.

IV. TF Green Airport Expansion . (Christopher - 15 minutes)
A. Submission of comments to the EIS Scoping process - comment date has been extended to the end of March. and

V. New England Saltwater Fishing Show . (Steve - 10 minutes) A. Buckeye Brook Banner for table front! (Vote to approve money for banner).

VI. Federated Rhode Island Sportsmen's Club . (Steve - 15 minutes) A. Describe FRISC and value to BBC, and annual fee. B. Vote on BBC membership to FRISC

VII. Miscellaneous Issues (30 minutes)