Members and Friends of the Buckeye Brook Coalition,


SAVE THE DATE!  It.s meeting time!  The Coalition invites the public to the following:


     What:      Buckeye Brook Coalition Members Meeting

     When:   Wednesday, December 15, 2004 at 7:30 p.m.

     Where:  The Knights of Columbus Hall, 475 Sandy Lane, Warwick

                 (at the intersection of Sandy Lane and Warwick Ave.)

      Agenda: See below


December is a busy month, but please take a few moments to learn about what has been happening and to support the brook!  


See you there,

Bill Aldrich

Treasurer, Buckeye Brook Coalition



Buckeye Brook Coalition Members Meeting





I.                   Welcome . (Christopher . 5 minutes)


II.                Introductions

a.      Ex Officers

b.     New BOD Members


III.             Financial Report (Bill . 5 minutes)


IV.            Vote on Executive Officers (15 minutes)

a.      Barbara Charron - Secretary

b.     Steve Insana - VP


V.               News and Events (45 minutes)

a.      Watershed Council status (Steve)

b.     Webpage development (Carol)

c.     Grant Status (Carol/Steve)

d.     Airport Discharge Permit (Christopher)

e.      Airport Expansion (Christopher)

f.       American Heritage Status (Steve)

g.     Road Race (Steve)

h.     Chicken and Macaroni Dinner results (Bill/Steve)


VI.            Miscellaneous Issues (15-30 minutes)