Members and Friends of the Buckeye Brook Coalition,

It is almost time to start the annual fish count, which runs from April 1 until about May 15!

A short, 10 minute training session for new volunteers is required at either of these times:

The training is done by Phil Edwards from the RI Department of Environmental Management. (If you have done it before, there is no requirement to attend, but if you are like me, you may want a brief refresher session.) The training will be held at the Fish Count location. Park in the northwest corner (near the charity collection box) of the Knights of Columbus Parking lot, 475 Sandy Lane, Warwick, RI. Proceed towards the brook if nobody is present at the parking area. Training may be taking place. Training is either individual or is done in groups, depending on who is present at any given moment all through the hour. It is easy and fun!

For those who have not participated before, the commitment once you are trained is only to show up once or twice per week on the appointed day (either some time before noon or sometime after noon, as requested on the schedule). You will watch for fish for 10 minutes, and jot down a few other observations. Once again, it is easy and it is fun!

Bill Aldrich
Buckeye Brook Coalition